Founder’s Pack: Tier 2

Pack for 2, gift a friend the second copy!

If you already own this pack or better, you can still purchase this pack again for the gifting option which will allow you to send two Tier 2 gift packs to your friends.

After purchasing this pack, please contact us with your friend’s Citizen Name so we can apply the second pack to their account. Once this pack is applied to your friend’s account it can’t be removed and given to someone else. Also please let us know what your desired Ludus name is. Your Ludus name and url can’t be changed without purchasing a Ludus Name Change. [3-14 characters, A-Z, uppercase, lowercase, and spaces are allowed]. You can only be in one Ludus at a time.

This is a pre-release Founder’s Pack for early supporters of development. The digital download for Shadows of Glory will become available upon release. Offerings will become available upon release. Centurion Subscriptions will not activate until release. All money raised from pre-release sales go directly toward development, purchases are nonrefundable. Founder’s Packs don’t stack. Your highest tier pack will be used for your rewards.

Release Date: TBD – Currently under development


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