Shadows of Glory is a free-to-play online Roman Gladiator combat multiplayer game for PC.

Shadows of Glory is third-person and has aspects of traditional RPGs such as specialties and attacks, equipment for your gladiators, horses, and chariots, and the ability to create a Ludus to team up. The combat system is designed to immerse you in a world of survival for your life in the Colosseum as a gladiator with real-time cinematic combat. You have to time your attacks and counters to continue your combos and deliver devastating finishing blows to your enemies. Our goal is to create a new and unique online multiplayer experience that has the pure focus of solo and team oriented combat gameplay. You can battle online with up to 20 players in free-for-all or versus up to 10 vs. 10. There are currently 6 unique online game modes that involve gladiators, horses and chariots.

We are the Shadows of Glory and we will not be forgotten. What will your legacy be?

Release Date: TBD – Currently under development