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A ludus is a group of players that team up to fight together. You can create or join a ludus and become a member of a team.
Level up your ludus and unlock perks for your members. Represent your ludus in battle and win world recognition as you dominate your enemy.


Share the history of how your ludus was founded, what activities that you focus on and who you are trying to recruit.


Perks are bonuses that apply to any player that’s in the ludus
They are unlocked by spending Ludus Points (LP)
LP is earned when the ludus levels up
Experience is earned by players completing their quests.
The same amount of experience earned by the player will apply to the ludus


A roster of everyone in the ludus with the ability to quickly invite them to team up for battle, and inspect their gladiators, horses and chariots.


A section for the Lanista (leader) of the ludus to modify permissions and set member ranks.

While they might not be your blood, you still call them your brothers and sisters.
You fight alongside them, you eat with them, you practice with them, you live with them.
They are your family, you are a team, strike with a unified attack.”
-Aeliana Cassia