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Your fighting style is everything. Once you’ve decided what specialty that you intend to focus on with a gladiator you then need to choose your attacks.

  • Players have 9 slots to add Basic Attacks and Finishers to their Attack Bar
  • Each specialty has dozens of unique Basic Attacks and Finishers
  • All attacks are saved to your gladiators when you switch between them.


  • Basic Attack: A simple attack that generates Combo Points
  • Finisher: A more devastating attack that gladiators can use when they have generated the required amount of Combo Points to use

Attack Points

  • AP are earned as a gladiator levels up
  • Basic Attacks and Finishers cost AP to unlock

Combo Points

  • Combo Points are earned while in combat by using Basic Attacks
  • Gladiators can have a total of 10 Combo Points at a time
  • Combo Points can be used to activate your gladiators Finishers

“I show no mercy, I give my enemy a swift death that a warrior deserves.”
-Eugenios Karpos