Camilla Carmine

  • Age: 46
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 174 lbs
  • Origin: Pompeii, Italy
  • History: She who shall not be named. Psychopathic, homicidal, manipulative, emotionless, aloof and austere. These are but a few words that describe her. Every so often the world encounters a person so evil that their heart is as dark as night. She’s committed crimes so gruesome that even veteran soldiers say are things that they have never seen in war.

Deep within the forest was a small, nearly dilapidated domus where she and her husband lived. They were extremely poor and hunted the local animals daily for food. They crafted leather bags of all sizes from the carcasse, and would visit Rome once a week to sell their hand-crafted bags to the locals. A day before visiting Rome they would reset all their traps so that they had animals ready to butcher and skin when they returned home.

Winter was quickly approaching and their main source of food and income, the local animals, was at risk of going away before they could stockpile enough to get them through the cold days ahead. She and her husband were down to their last few pieces of meat from the previous hunt. It was just enough to get them through their journey to Rome and back. Though this meant that they needed to return home to animals caught in traps or they would be in serious risk of starving to death. They double checked all their traps to make sure they were properly set and began traveling to Rome with their small cart pulled by a cow.

A few days passed and they returned home. They quickly got settled in, put their things away and immediately headed out to check their traps. They approached the first set of traps, nothing, not even footsteps nearby. Given the dire situation, she was already agitated and had little patience for empty traps. She starts yelling and cursing the gods as she stomps forward to the next set of traps in anger. Her husband, out of shape and trailing behind, tries to keep up. She gets to the second set of traps and sees blood from something that was caught but there was no animal in the trap, it was stolen by someone. She became even more irate and irrational after seeing her food get stolen. Her husband, finally catching up, exhausted and gasping for air, naively asked her what was wrong. Blinded by anger and only seeing red through her eyes she grabs her husband and shoves his back to a tree. She begins to scream at him, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t get her food soon. A few moments later she stops screaming and lets him go. They begin to walk in silence to the final set of traps.

As they near the final set of traps they can hear an odd moaning sound. Unable to recognize the sound, they both looked at each other in confusion. They slowly approached and found a man with his leg severed in half from the trap. Beside the man was the carcass of the rabbit stolen from their other trap. She looked at her husband in anger and began screaming at him again. Asking him how he expects to survive the cold with one rabbit. She quickly became more hostile when was unable to answer.

She looked at the dying man and paused in silence for a moment. She then looked at her husband and told him to kill the man. She explained that she’s not going to starve to death because of his incompetence so he needs to kill that man so they can eat him. He looked at her in shock, hardly able to believe what she was asking him to do. The man, slowly dying and only alive because the trap was keeping him from bleeding out was starting to near his final moments. Her husband looked at the man in pity and reluctantly agreed after she told him that either he kills the man or she kills him. He pulled out a small knife and walked over to the man, kneeled down and slowly pushed it through the side of his ribs, quickly killing him. Immediately after she picked up the rabbit and began to walk home. As she walked away from her husband she yelled for him to drag the body back home. The sun sets as they get back home and settle in for winter.

Winter finally passed, they survived through the cold with one rabbit and one human. During their time inside from the cold they had both grown accustomed to the taste of human meat. She often joked and laughed about how it’s easier to lure and kill a person than an animal. She eventually suggested that they actually do kill people instead of animals for both food to eat and skin for their bags. Explaining how they are easier to lure, and that there are many more people than animals. Knowing he couldn’t say no, he agreed, and they began to create a plan to start catching people.

Years later and richer than ever, she and her husband’s decision to hunt people seemed to have paid off. They had more human meat than they could eat, and enough human flesh to make bags for what seemed like the rest of their lives. Life was a twisted and psychotic dream come true and she couldn’t be happier. But nothing good lasts forever, and eventually their luck had run out when they made their previous trip to Rome. They accidently sold a bag that had a tattoo on the skin, and was recognized by a woman who said her husband had gone missing just days earlier. She started screaming for the guards and crying hysterically. Three guards rushed over and asked what was wrong and the woman explained her horrific discovery. Being men of war and having seen many rotten corpses they immediately recognized the tattooed bag as human flesh and arrested the two before they could leave Rome. After a short period of prison and torture they finally confessed to everything. Her husband was sentenced to life in prison for his role, and she was sent to die in the Colosseum.