Development Blog: Sprint #12

Today marks the end of Sprint #12 and the start of Sprint #13. We had an incredibly productive sprint these past 4 weeks as we tackled several big tasks. Some of the main things we focused on were creating and implementing sounds for horse foley and movement, gladiator attacks, Rome splines and foliage, and matchmaking. We have also begun streaming the development of Shadows of Glory on Twitch, so swing on by and say hi! You can check out the stream on the Shadows of Glory website here, or visit us directly on twitch at Moving into Sprint #13 we will continue to focus on gladiator attack sound effects, combat music, Rome art, matchmaking, and implementing UI windows.


  • Begun implementing various horse sound effects that are triggered on specific events
  • Created a tool for testing footstep sounds on various terrain types
  • Troubleshooting the player camera / controls for the horse
    • Gladiators and Horses now share the same player camera
  • improved road splines to support scaling and not stretch textures
  • Added the fence spline tool
    • Supports different behaviors depending on the fence / wall type (wood fence sections don’t curve, stone walls do)
  • Created a custom audio notify for animations that allows both mono and stereo sound cues to be attached
  • Continued work on the day / night cycle in Rome
    • Cycle will be shared with the Colosseum (if you queue up at night, battle will be at night)
    • Planned and investigated techniques for implementing various sun rise and sun set colors, as well as general day and night lighting
  • Continued work on the matchmaking framework
  • Continued various bug fixes


  • Added the live stream page that can be found here
  • Completed various website maintenance tasks


  • Continued adding our main road and path splines to Rome
  • Continued adding various foliage to Rome
    • Begun optimizing LODs and Culling distances to maximize performance
  • Added a new sand material to the Colosseum


  • Gladiator Attacks
    • Begun creating sounds for various attacks and finishers for the Samnite specialty
    • Begun tagging Samnite attack animations with sound notifies
    • Begun creating bow draw and fire sounds for the Sagittarius specialty
  • Continued working on the combat music
    • Complete the music track for ‘You are now in combat’
  • Horse
    • Created sounds for horse footsteps on stone, dirt, mud, grass, and sand
    • Created sounds for various horse foley such as breathing / neighs, sprint, rein and saddle movement, summon and dismiss
    • Tagged all horse movement animations with with footstep notifies (notifies are tagged to each left and right foot bone allowing the horse footsteps to trigger sound for more than one terrain type depending on the horse’s foot location)

Preorder the soundtrack here.