Development Blog: Sprint #15

Sprint #15 has come to an end, and Sprint #16 has begun. We mainly focused on post engine update bug fixes, and Rome art related tasks this sprint now that we are nearing the completion of greyboxing and splining all main roads and paths. Moving into Sprint #16, we will continue working on the Colosseum interior modeling and texturing, Rome foliage set dressing and splines, and continue implementing the Steam SDK.


  • Created Rome’s Landscape material and functionality
    • Includes variables to determine when a texture is to be displayed based on slope, height and more
    • Includes 6 landscape texture layers that blend
  • Began implementing the Steam SDK
  • Continued working on the gladiator dismemberment tech
  • Added the ability to set blending layer priority for spline roads
  • Resolved various bugs that remained after the UE 5.0 EA1 to UE 5.0 Release migration

Example of Rome’s terrain material layer blending of textures based on height and slope.


  • Continued working on combat music


  • Continued working on modeling and texturing the Colosseum
    • Exterior texture and details
    • Created the Velarium for the Colosseum which includes wind movement
  • Continued adding spline roads and paths to Rome
  • Continued adding grass to Rome
  • Added textures and set values for Rome’s landscape blending material
  • Updated the water for Tiber River on Rome
  • Updated the volumetric clouds on Rome