Sprint #16 has come to an end and Sprint #17 has begun. We were incredibly busy this Sprint and completed several tasks. We also implemented and created assets for several new features. Moving into Sprint #17 we will continue to implement the Steam SDK, write lore, set dress Rome with foliage, model the Colosseum interior, and work on various performance improvements. We have a lot to share today so lets dive in.


  • Continued implementing the Steam SDK and purchasing functionality for the in-game store
  • Begun implementing the consumable food and drink functionality
  • Implemented the Gestures functionality
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Implemented various animations for Gestures (example: /wave ), currently 66 and counting
  • Finalized names and short lore for all food and drink that are currently in-game
  • Begun writing lore for 2 new NPCs
  • Implemented our birds AI tool for Rome
  • Added 9 new Gladiator Helmets to the game (lore and stats are still a WIP)
  • Added new consumable food and drink
  • Begun performance and stress testing various procedurally generated natural environment prop density, trees and foliage on Rome


  • Continued creating combat music for the Colosseum


  • Begun testing Rome’s layout, ensuring that all roads and paths are fun to travel


  • Continued with the creation of the Colosseum
    • Interior hallways and stairs leading to all levels of the Colosseum
    • Velarium section with support poles and ropes
    • Interior seating areas
  • Completed greyboxing rome
  • Completed the first-pass of all roads and paths on Rome
  • Created the UI elements for the Graffiti window
  • Created inventory icons for all current food (57) and drink (13), and counting
  • Created 2 new NPCs (lore is still a WIP)
    • Herminius Paulus
    • Naevius Romilius
  • Implemented 122 different Graffiti and counting
    • Roman
    • Egyptian
    • Primitive
    • Blood
  • Implemented various blood decals for combat
  • Optimized various weapon, armor and prop textures for improved performance
  • Did a polish pass on a few current NPCs

New NPCs