Development Blog: Sprint #18

Sprint #18 has come to an end and Sprint #19 has begun. This sprint we circled back to polishing and bug fixing elements that are currently implemented. Moving into Sprint #19 we will continue to focus on polishing and bug fixing, including UI elements and functionality related to combat both within the Colosseum and Rome.


  • Created a foliage volume to spawn grass and wheat fields on Rome
  • Implemented the minimap icons for the Store, Quick Access Links window and the Courier notification
  • Begun implementing the Quick Access Links window
  • Various bug fixes


  • Continued writing lore for gladiators, NPCs and the game’s general timeline
  • Updated the Steam Page with new screenshots that better reflect where we are at in development now


  • Continued modeling and texturing the colosseum interior
  • Did a redesign and polish pass of the server select level
  • Added the new skybox from Rome to all levels (ludus, server select, colosseum)
  • Added a new wallpaper to the website [link]
  • Added a screenshots section to the website [link]


  • Continued composing the combat music

New Wallpaper


 Colosseum Progress

Server Select Level – Behind the Scene