Development Blog: Sprint #20

Sprint #20 has come to an end and Sprint #21 has begun. We had another fun and productive sprint, accomplishing quite a few tasks and also cleaned out a good amount of our backlog. Before we get into the details of what we did this sprint, we want to welcome our newest team member, Erick Sala. Welcome! Erick has joined us as a 3D Generalist and will be focusing on character released assets such as gladiator armor, horse armor, NPC clothing and more.


  • Implemented the Name Creation UI elements and functionality on the server select level
  • Implemented UI sounds for code based assets and the ability for various UI buttons and events
  • Fixed various UI bugs and layout issues
  • Updated the gladiator specialties to include the 2 new ones – Hoplomachus and Perfide [link]


  • Continued modeling and texturing the Colosseum interior
  • Continued working on the trailer
  • Continued creating various cloth, stained glass and tiled textures with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion AI art creation and upscaling tools
  • Begun cleaning up AI textures and tiling them for use
  • Begun creating armor and clothing for gladiators and NPCs


  • Created sounds for the Stash chest open and close animations
  • Completed a first pass on UI sounds for:
    • Gladiator Window
    • Horse Window
    • Chariot Window
    • Battle Select Window
    • Store Window
    • Buttons
    • Universal UI sounds
    • Notification Popup sounds
    • Inventory, Stash and HUD elements
  • Continued composing the combat music

Female Gladiator Undergarment (WIP)

AI created tiled mosaic, mural and stained glass textures

Colosseum Interior (WIP)