Development Blog: Sprint #21

Sprint #21 has come to an end and Sprint #22 has begun. We made good progress this sprint for key elements of the game, completing backend tasks, core character art and continued the creation of the Colosseum and music. Next sprint we will continue working on the Colosseum and the exterior statues, combat music, lore, trailer and backend user account functionality. We will also begin creating our horse variants, maintaining the release goal of 30 horses minimum.


  • Begun working on the backend name creation framework
    • Completed the framework for a New User to create their Citizen Name
    • Completed the framework for recognizing a name already in use
    • Automatically associates to the user’s logged-in Steam account with their previously chosen Citizen Name
    • Continued working on the backend database framework for user account information, game settings and items


  • Continued working on the male and female undergarments for all body types and sizes
    • Completed the first pass for female
    • Near completion of the first pass for male
  • Begun creating the statues for the Colosseum exterior
    • Poses, clothing and textures
  • Continued work on the Colosseum interior
    • Completed modeling the upper levels and tunnel interiors
    • Separated various Colosseum sections into smaller pieces to easily revise as needed
    • Begun creating the collision for all elements


  • Continued working on the trailer
    • Added a new scene
    • Smoothing camera movement
    • New poses and lighting
    • Another pass on hand / finger positioning


  • Continued working on the combat music

Gladiator & NPC Undergarment (WIP)

Colosseum Exterior Statues (WIP)

Colosseum (WIP)