Development Blog: Sprint #22

Sprint #22 has come to an end and Sprint #23 has begun. This was a busy sprint as we implemented the new Memento item among many other things. A memento is a lucky charm that a player can equip on their gladiator as an opportunity to gain a few more stats. We also plan to use Mementos for limited edition items that can be earned by players during holidays, tournaments and more. Moving into the next Sprint we will continue to work on Memento icons, lore, NPC creation, backend user account framework, Colosseum interior and statues, armor and horse variants.

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  • Implemented the Memento equipment type and item slot on the gladiator window
  • Adjusted and simplified the gladiator equipment item slots and functionality for weapons
    • Primary weapon slot is now shared with the bow
    • Offhand weapon slot is now shared with the quiver
    • Arrows now have their own unique slot
  • Formalized user accounts based on Steam IDs, including in-editor accounts for developers without having to launch Steam
  • Finalized the backend database setup for user inventories, including future support for bags and more
    • Made progress with creating and fetching inventories from the database
  • Formalized a method to encode/decode large amounts of information to store and retrieve from the database
  • Created a pixel detection system to align the mouse cursor with the corner of all item icons
  • Fixed cursor swapping between our custom one and the i-beam pointer when typing information into a UI text box
  • Ran extensive tests to formalize general backend methods going forward
  • Refactored the backend for item tooltip stats in data tables
  • Created a new tool for our icon creation scenes that allows us to photograph assets in-editor and export a transparent .png image for use in Photoshop
  • Begun updating our editor to UE 5.1


  • Continued finalizing the Colosseum interior collision volumes and tunnel design in preparation for textures
  • Continued creating statues for use in the Colosseum, bathhouses and various locations around Rome.
  • Completed a polish pass on all current item and reward icons, including making all backgrounds transparent
  • Begun creating icons for Mementos
  • Created 2 new Ring icons
  • Created 1 new Rome themed skull graffiti (Original image generated via AI)
  • Begun creating the NPC vendor
  • Begun planning for the first set of gladiator armor and horse hair variants


  • Created the UI elements for the server queue screen
  • Created the UI elements for the name creation buttons


  • Implemented the Memento item slot
  • Created and wrote 1 sentence lore for 90 Mementos
  • Added 2 new rings with lore
  • Begun creating the lore for the Memento NPC vendor
  • Continued working on the trailer, including VFX and character animations


  • Completed another combat music track and begun working on the next

Server Queue Window

Gladiator Window Weapon Slot Rework & Memento Addition

Item DataTabe Stats Rework & Current Variables

Item Icon Creation & Polish Pass On Existing Icons Including Transparent Backgrounds

NPC – Memento Vendor (WIP)

Colosseum & Rome Bathhouse Statues (WIP)

Colosseum Interior Piece & Collision (WIP)