Development Blog: Sprint #23

Sprint #23 has come to an end and sprint #24 has begun. This was an incredibly busy sprint, we accomplished several tasks and made great progress with everything else. We also started implementing Companions, which are pets that will follow your player around. Companions will be available for purchase with both in-game Denarii or with real money Aurei. Some Companions will only be available via quests and achievements, such as the elephant.

We also announced our second holiday giveaway for a chance to win a Tier 6 Founder’s Pack which included Closed Beta Access (TBD). Simply create an account on the Shadows of Glory website to enter. If you already have an account you don’t need to do anything else. For more details on the giveaway visit this link.


  • Begun implementing Companions and their functionality for following a player using dynamic pathfinding
  • Created a unified Animal asset that can be sub-classed for Companions and wild animals
  • Begun converting all 460+ spline roads on Rome to meshes with 3D detail utilizing heightmap textures, for use with Nanite
    • Developed a method to automatically generate a detailed road mesh from a current 2D road spline
  • Continued working on the name creation backend framework
  • Completed the Unreal Engine 5.1 update
    • Engine update cleanup and bug fixes


  • Continued working on the Colosseum
  • Continued creating statues for the Colosseum exterior
  • Begun creating our first set of gladiator armor
  • Polished and finalized undergarments for male and female
    • Continued working on Blendshapes to fit all body types for male and female
  • Converted Rome to a World Partition
  • Added new grass and converted all foliage into nanite
    • Added wind to grass and Cypress trees
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes with Rome


  • Implemented 66 animals for use on Rome, Colosseum, and as Companions
    • Created Blend Spaces for all animals, including ground and air for birds
  • Begun creating our AI template for all ground based animals roaming
      • Includes random idle animations, Hunger, Thirst, Tired, Rest states with energy gain and drain for each
        • Eat at grass, drink at water, rest in place when tired, and optional go home to rest when tired
      • Ability to adjust all AI variables within each animal
        • Reference the Blueprint image below for a full list of current variables
      • Plans to add more AI functions in the future
  • Begun writing lore for all animals which includes name, bio, gender, age, weight, and origin


  • Continued working on the combat music

Armor (WIP)


Colosseum Statues (WIP)

Colosseum (WIP)

Rome Roads (v2)

AI Blueprint (WIP)