Sprint #25 has come to an end and Sprint #26 has begun. This sprint we continued to work on the backend framework for user accounts, Rome and gladiator armor. We hit another milestone this sprint, completing the pairing of user’s in-game account and steam account data and saving. Moving into Sprint #26 we will continue to work on backend user accounts and inventory functionality, Rome, gladiator armor, UI and lore.


  • Updated Rome’s landscape material to support painted road
    • Added the ability to adjust the grass cutoff angle
  • Continued work on backend data storage
    • Can now work with the data in its native form instead of crafting database queries
  • Finalized user creation in the database
    • Name creation now saves the player’s in-game name and associates it with their Steam ID
  • Nameplate now show the correct user name
  • Significantly sped up the icon loading time with full stash pages
  • Begun implementing the the inventory system backend for saving a player’s items
  • General bug fixes
    • Cleared PIE errors
    • Rome landscape material
  • Implemented our new ivy foliage creation tool


  • Begun creating the Aqueduct and spline
  • Begun creating the VFX for Shadow Mode
    • Shadow Mode is similar to setting your character’s status to anonymous in an MMORPG
  • Begun converting all roads to painted landscape versions (80% complete)
    • After further experimentation we decided to go this rout over meshes and splines for performance reasons and the ability to make changes faster
    • Removed old road splines from Rome
  • Begun experimenting with cliff edges on Rome
  • Begun set dressing various sections of Rome
  • Continued creating Armor Set #2
  • Continued creating the statues for the Colosseum
  • Finalized the gold texture for the eagle that stands on the Century’s Eagle Standard
  • General performance improvements on Rome
  • Completed the first pass of trees on Rome
  • Created the foliage brush for Rome’s forested areas
    • includes bushes, shrubs, small plants and weeds


  • Continued creating the combat music

Century’s Eagle Standard

Gladiator Armor Set #2 (WIP)

Shadow Mode (WIP)

Rome: Rock Cliffs

Rome: Set Dressing – Farm

Rome: Aqueduct 1 (WIP)

Rome: Trees, Rocks, Foliage

Rome: Painted Roads (spline replacement)

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