Sprint #26 has come to an end and sprint #27 has begun. This sprint we mainly focused on continuing set dressing Rome and backend user framework for saving player data. Moving into the next sprint we will continue our push of set dressing Rome, gladiator armor and completing backend tasks in preparation for beginning work on our matchmaking system.


  • Removed Virtual Render Targets from the landscape material since we switched to landscape painting methods for roads
  • Improved the visual quality for snow and snow trails
  • Added landscape layer to remove grass in specific areas while maintaining our slope-blending of textures
  • Begun to benchmark latency and processing times when communicating with the database
  • Improved backend methods, focused on ensuring robust encoding and decoding of any/all data types for fast and reliable data storage
  • Various bug fixes with the weather system and Rome


  • Completed our backlog of technical and performance cleanup for Rome
  • Completed our foliage pass for trees, shrubs, debris and weeds
  • Implemented the weather system for all assets which includes gladiators, animals, terrain, props, foliage, weapons, armor and decals (blood, graffiti, decorative, mosaic)
  • Implemented snow trails and water puddle disturbance with footsteps for gladiators and horses (companion support next)
  • Implemented Bloom
  • Implemented Depth of Field for a focused view at a radius of around 50 feet from the player camera with a slight blur in the distance for a more cinematic look
  • Continued set dressing Rome with rock walls, foliage, structures and props
    • Mamertine Prison
    • Guard Outpost
    • Lake Area #1
    • Horse Stable Area #1
    • Blacksmith House
    • Market
    • Tavern
    • Prayer Shrine #1
  • Resolved the majority visual bugs on Rome


  • Continued working on the combat music
  • Implemented the ‘Unsheathe Weapon’ music

Lake Area #1

Guard Outpost

Forest Water Well

Mamertine Prison

Prayer Shrine #1

Catacombs Entrance #1 (In Lake Area #1)

Miscellaneous Rock Cliffs & Roads

Snow, Dust, Wetness cover on animals, armor and weapons

Wetness & Puddles on landscape