Development Blog: Sprint #27

Sprint #27 has come to an end and Sprint #28 has begun. As always, we had another productive sprint. Moving into the next sprint we will continue our push to fully set dress Rome, weapons, armor, and complete backend framework for our planned start of official QA testing in Q4 2023.

Moving forward we will be doing quarterly Dev Blogs. The next blog post will be July 1, 2023.

Now lets take a look at what we worked on this sprint.


  • Improved database backend – Can now run queries simultaneously without blocking the game thread for the game servers
  • Created an Authentication server for developer access and development
  • Facilitated authentication handshake between the Authentication server and the game for development
  • Fixed bugs with the database and the game


  • Begun creating One-Hand swords
  • Continued working on gladiator armor
  • Continued set dressing Rome:
    • Inn
    • Cemetery
    • Lake Area #1
    • Jeweler’s House
    • Blacksmith
    • Stash Building
    • Forum
    • Unbuilt House
    • Forest Water Well
    • New Player Starting Area & Ludus Wheat Fields
  • Begun another pass on Rome’s Cypress trees
  • Cleaned up foliage on Rome
  • Completed another pass on Rome’s grass
  • Completed another lighting pass for Rome


  • Continued working on the combat music

Gladiator Armor – Mixed worn set pieces and new shirt

Rome: Lighting Pass (Day & Night)

Cemetery & Catacombs Entrance #2

Stash Building (Player Bank)

Jeweler’s House


Wheat Fields (New Player Starting Area & Ludus)


City Wall

Cypress Tree Update

Lake Area #1 & Forest Water Well Building Updates