Dismemberment & Bone Break

This week was exciting to say the least. We began implementing the limb dismemberment and bone breaking system and updated the Shadows of Glory project to the Unreal Engine 5. We also have a new team member! Welcome Gabrielle Folino! Gabrielle has joined as our QA Lead and will be managing the Play Tester group.

Dismemberment & Bone Break

  • Limb dismemberment will cause a gladiator to bleed out over a short duration, resulting in death.
  • Arm bone breaks will cause a gladiator to drop whatever they are holding.
  • Leg bone breaks will cause a gladiator to no longer be able to sprint and will severely slow walking speeds.
  • Lose a head, you’re dead.


  • Continuing design on various One-Handed Swords and Shields.
    • Wood practice Sword


  • Begun experimenting with UE5’s new MetaSound tool for more dynamic and unique sounds during Finisher Attacks and Deaths to give us that cinematic feel we are going for.
  • Started creating music for the Shadows of Glory Launcher.


  • Started grey-boxing historical landmarks on Rome
  • Experimenting with the new UE5 Lumen and Shadow Map tools.
  • Added Tiber Island to Tiber River

Want to join the team?

Our team is growing and we are still looking to fill key roles. If you are interested in joining the team please visit the jobs page for more information. https://shadowsofglory.com/careers/

– Benjie