Development Blog: Week #12


Sprint #3 has come to an end this week and we ended with a week to spare, so we got an early jump on our online systems. Sprint #4 and #5 are entirely dedicated to building our launcher, building and deploying the game to download and install through the launcher, server selection, loading into Rome, queueing up for matchmaking, adding friends and joining a battle in the Colosseum.


The launcher will allow a player to login, download, install, update and launch Shadows of Glory.

  • Started building the launcher exe
  • Created the art and sound for the Shadows of Glory Launcher
  • Begun composing the Launcher music
  • Implemented the ability for players to login using their Shadows of Glory website login credentials


Server Select Screen

The Server Select screen will be a dynamic mini scene of Rome that we are building in-editor. Allowing for subtle movement so the environment feels more alive, and not just a static image. Once the game loads the Server Select menu will display. Like traditional MMORPGs, the player will select the server that best fits their location and connect, at which point they will load into Rome.

  • Created the UI art elements and buttons
  • Begun concepting the set decoration for the server select menu


Battle Select Menu

The Battle Select menu is used to queue for matchmaking. Players can open this menu anywhere in Rome and queue for a battle of their choosing. There will be both ranked and non-ranked (Practice) matchmaking. Ranked will be limited to a select number of game sizes. Practice mode will have more options for game sizes.

  • Created the UI art elements for the Battle Select menu


  • Continued work on set dressing and greyboxing Rome

Want to join the team?

Our team is growing and we are still looking to fill key roles. If you are interested in joining the team please visit the jobs page for more information.

– Benjie