Development Blog: Week #16

Deploying The Server

This week marks the end of Sprint #4 as we continue to push through the online functions and move into Sprint #5. First, I want to start with a quick recap of last week since that blog post was mainly about starting the Crowdfunding Campaign. Last week we worked on setting up the backend server environment to deploy a server in a specific region. We also worked on getting our UE5 Source server and game builds ready for deployment.

Server Build

  • We successfully deployed our development test server this week
  • Connected and communicated with the dev test server with a test client
  • Begun to create and implement our database system that will store all the player and game information

Game Build

  • Cleaned up and prepared the game project for the local client build
  • Got the project to a state where we can successfully deploy game builds

Battle Select Menu

    • Finished up the Battle Select window art elements
    • Imported the individual art elements into UE in preparation of server queues for matches and the friends / invite system.

Citizen list

  • We began working on the art elements for the Citizen List which includes the friends list, ludus member list, and your sent / pending friend and team invites.