Development Blog: Week #2


Development is ramping up and we have a lot to share this week so let’s dive on in!

Shadows of Glory is set in the era of 69 BCE to 46 BCE, the year is 48 BCE, Julius Caesar has just defeated Pompey and reigns over Rome.

  • Rome: This is the main city where players hang out between battles, interact with quest NPCs, manage equipment and so on. We spent a lot of time this week planning and deciding on our exact location of Rome, and it’s layout to use in the game. Our goal is to have the 1:1 scale of our focused area in Rome 48 BCE be as historically accurate as possible, and at the same time make it “fun for a game”. While every building might not be the same we still plan to be as accurate as possible with maintaining a 1:1 scale, locations, elevation, main roads, main landmark features, and general layout of structures.

We are using Open Street Map (OSM) location data to gather the general layout of Rome. Once we have that data we are able to import it into Blender via Blender-OSM to create a quick 3D model of our area of Rome. We will then take that rough 3D layout and import the information into UE4 where we will then block out our area of Rome, key locations for player interaction, NPCs, structures, etc. Rome now vs. then is clearly different looking, such as industrial areas, buildings, and various locations. We will be removing any modern structures or locations. This allows us to be as accurate as possible when it comes to the general terrain and layout for Rome as it was in 48 BCE.

Here is a [Google Earth View] of the general area we are using.

  • Colosseum: Modeling of the 1:1 scale Colosseum continues in it’s first phase.

  • Chariots: We have begun modeling the first chariot. Each chariot will be modular and have the following parts that can be equipped in the Chariot Equipment Manager of the game. This will allow the player to mix and match components.
    • Wheels (contains a matching set of 2 wheels)
    • Wheel Spike (Left)
    • Wheel Spike (Right)
    • Axle
    • Basket
    • Pole
    • Yoke (various Yokes Will hold 1 or 2 horses)

Sample textures added to see modular components more easily.

Weapons: We have begun concepting and modeling weapon designs. We started with the obvious choice, a Gladius.

  • Ascent Combat Framework (ACF): We acquired a copy of ACF including the dialogue and quest add-ons. This is a really cool and powerful tool that we will use as our foundation to build the game.
  • Website: We now have the website set up for Shadows of Glory. While we are still looking for a website developer we have the basic functionality implemented.
    • Players can create their account and set basic profile information.
    • Newsletter signup option was added to the account creation page. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter when creating your account so you don’t miss out on future updates and news.
    • General information about the game has been added, and while there is still a lot to add this gives a basic idea of the game. We will continue to add more content and information as development progresses.
    • Store functionality has been set up. Currently the store is not available to players since we are still working out the details of the Founder’s Packs, however that will change very soon, so keep an eye out for some cool game packages to get in the near future that will help support development.
  • Social: A quick and important task was to setup a twitter account for fans. Be sure to follow us @NeutrinoGaming for future updates and information.

Want to join the team?

Our team is growing and we are still looking to fill key roles. If you are interested in joining the team please visit the jobs page for more information.

– Benjie