Development Blog: Week #20

Grid Street Plan

This week concludes Sprint #5. Moving into Sprint #6 we will continue to work on our online framework bringing various systems online and continuing work on Rome. We will also begin working on our matchmaking system which will allow players to queue for a battle in the Colosseum.


  • Continued work on the chat window art implementation and functionality
  • Continued work with our online backend framework
  • Improved our auto-build tool which makes it easier to upload builds for deployment


  • Continued blocking out Rome roads, paths and general landmarks

We have spent quite a bit of time and effort on determining which roads and paths to use, and while we try to stick to the modern Rome map for roads and paths as much as possible we also want to make sure that it doesn’t take too long to get to various locations. We are also adding specific pathways from ancient Rome maps with a mix of creative liberty to make sure traveling is fun. Currently the longest travel time is from the Ludus to the Cemetery which is about 3 minutes on a horse.

  • Begun testing different foliage, road and pathway materials on Rome
  • Continued with smoothing jagged terrain on roads and paths from the raw imported OSM geodata from Blender as we begin to apply basic landmarks, buildings and foliage to Rome