Development Blog: Week #22


As each week passes we get closer to our goal of having a working demo and are nearly there. This week we continued with implementing our Citizen List and Matchmaking functionality, as well as continued creating our settings menu art elements. But before we get into the details of what was worked on this week we want to welcome our newest team member Hunter Hoyt. Welcome! Hunter has joined us as a QA Play Tester and will be focused on testing and logging bugs and issues from various features and mechanics within Shadows of Glory.


  • Continued implementing our backend framework for the Citizen list and matchmaking system
  • Continued implementing the Citizen List UI art elements, buttons, animated pending invite state and framework
  • Continued working on the chat window functionality
  • Implemented the backend framework for user accounts so the user’s Citizen Name shows when chat messages are sent, and within the nameplate above their gladiator’s head


  • Continued creating the various art elements for the Settings window
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Preferences
  • Begun creating art for the Controls and Commands settings tabs
  • Created the Credits window (ongoing list as we continue to grow as a team and studio)
  • Updated the ESC menu layout to fit the settings window design functionality


Quality Assurance

  • Created our Bug Report Form with Jira integration for QA Play Testers to easily submit bugs and issues to the development team