Development Blog: Week #23

Make New Friends

This week was a busy one as we near the completion of several long-term tasks and features. But before we get into the details we want to welcome another new member to the team, Ryan Merl. Ryan has joined us as a Network Security Consultant and will be assisting us with Welcome, Ryan!


  • Begun working on our first-pass for the art of the Colosseum interior which will be used for battles
  • Created the ground sand texture


  • Finished creating the art for the Settings tabs
  • Created the ‘PVP In Rome [on]’ state which will turn player nameplates red
  • Created the Stash art
  • Updated the Inventory page buttons to be more in line with the rest of the UI and Stash


  • Begun to implement the player spawn tech that will be used on Rome, the Colosseum and the Ludus
    • Gives us the ability to create custom volume shapes around various areas such as terrain, structures and props
    • Allows new players to spawn anywhere within the Spawn Volumes
    • Allows exiting players to login and respawn in the same location they logged out in
  • Continued working on the final few steps with implementing our Citizen list (Friends tab) functionality that will allow players to:
    • Send invites
    • Receive the invite notification
    • Accept invites
  • Begun implementing the chat commands and functionality
  • Updated our Launcher authentication method

Network Security


  • Since we expect Shadows of Glory to have a rating of [M – Mature] we added an age verification to the website
  • Backend account and login functionality updates