Another week, another update, is it Friday already?! As we near the completion of our art creation for UI elements related to online and matchmaking features we have begun to shift our focus to audio for UI and Samnite attack animations.


  • Begun creating UI sounds
  • Continued creating weapon sounds
  • Finished the launcher music track

Sample: Track 1 – Rome


Pre-order the Shadows of Glory soundtrack here.


  • Continued with the Ludus interior design
  • Continued implementing various world prop assets for Rome
  • Begun creating textures for Rome’s roads and paths


  • Created the Scoreboard template that will be used for the 6 battle types


  • Continued with the implementation of the Battle Select window and matchmaking features
  • Various backend launcher updates
  • Added the music track to the launcher
  • Begun implementing the backend tech to spawn players within our custom spawn volumes