Development Blog: Week #27

The Road To…

This week we continued working on several of our more long term tasks such as Rome, matchmaking and music. We also worked on various administrative tasks for the company and game. We have also begun exploring publisher and investor options. If you are a publisher or investor and are interested in knowing more about Shadows of Glory and our long term plans feel free to reach out to us at we would love to chat. And as always, we have Founder’s Packs and more in our store for early backers of Shadows of Glory which will be available for purchase until release. All contributions big or small are greatly appreciated and we thank you for your continued support in making Shadows of Glory become a reality. [Store Page]


  • Continued working on our matchmaking implementation
    • Decided on our implementation techniques to start, end and track a server process for battles
    • Cleaned up various UI windows and elements
    • Continued work on implementing the Battle Select window functionality


  • Completed the music elements for the beginning of a battle countdown timer


  • Continued work blocking our Rome roads, paths, landmarks and various locations
    • Begun connecting the main roads that lead to the Colosseum from various areas around Rome

  • Finalized the first-pass of the Battle Select window (Practice Tab)