Development Blog: Week #29

History of Rome

This week we continued working on our matchmaking framework and greyboxing Rome. We also spent some time this week confirming the historical accuracy of various locations around Rome that we intend to include. While our version of Rome will be a bit more open with foliage rather than buildings we still want to make sure we have certain historical landmarks around various areas of Rome. We want the player to be immersed in our interpretation of ancient Rome as they travel from one location to another to meet a friend or complete a quest.


  • Continued work on our matchmaking framework
  • Added and updated various tools for Unreal Engine 5 for third-party software integration


  • Begun working on the combat music for battles within the Colosseum
  • Begun working on music for the first Thermae (bathhouse) location
  • Continued compiling our list of music tracks for various locations within Rome


  • Begun importing our initial test chariot components to rig for combat and destruction

  • Begun importing our initial 3 MetaHuman gladiators and 1 NPC
  • Continued greyboxing Rome
    • Roughly 80% complete for the first pass of main roads, pathways, landmarks, buildings and foliage
    • Begun adding smaller landmark locations and structures as they were in ancient Rome
  • Begun creating various foliage for Rome such as trees, bushes and grass
  • Imported the Colosseum interior wall so we can finalize spawn volumes and begin to tune combat gameplay