The History of Rome’s Citizens

This week we continued with our matchmaking framework and implementation of our MetaHumans functionality. We have also continued with our goal to create our initial 30 gladiators, and are now 50% of the way there. We have also begun creating more of our primary NPCs that players will interact with. Such as Pontius Septimus for tutorial quests, Lanista Amadi Khaldun for Ludus related objectives, and the blacksmith Otho Calpurnius who crafts and repairs armor and weapons. We have also continued our focus of writing lore for each character.


  • Continued working on our matchmaking framework, finalizing the last few steps
  • Continued implementing the framework for our MetaHuman characters


  • Continued creating gladiators and NPCs, including writing the lore for them
  • Continued with the creation various trees for Rome


  • Updated the Gladiators, NPCs, and Horses pages for a better browsing experience as we continue add more to the game


Rome Trees