Development Blog: Week #38

Tier 6 Founder’s Pack Giveaway

This week we began several new tasks which included creating the UI elements for the NPC window and player Quests window. We also started implementing the second gladiator specialty, Sagittarius, the archer. The Sagittarius specialty will have attacks and finishers that range from the classic 1 arrow bow shot to fire arrows, and melee combat allowing an archer to wield their arrow as a dagger like weapon in close range combat. Before we talk about what was worked on this week we have a few announcements to share.

We are excited to announce our first giveaway. We are giving 3 lucky winners a Tier 6 Founder’s Pack which includes Closed Beta Early Access (TBD). Create an account at to enter. On Friday, December 31, we will select 3 accounts and announce the winners in the dev blog.

In addition to the giveaway, we also have a sale in our store currently, and are offering a 5% discount on all purchases, including Founder’s Packs. Use the code ‘FORGLORY‘ during checkout to receive your discount. This code expires January 1, 2022.


  • Begun implementing the Sagittarius (archer) specialty
    • Movement and combat animations
    • Crosshair
    • Projectile physics
    • Body impact damage and bone breaks
  • Completed various backlogged tasks
  • Continued working on the matchmaking framework


  • Begun creating the UI elements for the universal NPC window and tabs
    • Quests
    • Buy
    • Sell (in progress)
    • Repair
    • Biography
  • Created the crosshair art for the Sagittarius specialty, and experimenting with one for Samnite
  • Created the art elements for the countdown timer before a battle begins in the colosseum
  • Created the NPC ‘quest available’ and ‘ready to turn in’ icons that will float above their heads in Rome
  • Created the player’s Quest window which displays active quests that are in progress and quests that are completed
  • Updated the gladiator equipment slot type icons to be more visible
  • Created a universal item slot locked icon
  • Begun creating the UI art for the Leaderboard