This week we continued implementing the Sagittarius (archer) specialty along with various other long-term tasks. As a reminder before we dig into the update this week, we still have a few weeks left before the Tier 6 Founder’s Pack giveaway ends. Make sure you create an account at to be entered for a chance to win. More details about this giveaway can be found on our announcement post here.


  • Continued implementing the Sagittarius specialty
    • Continued creating the tech that allows for arrows to land and stick to the player in the accurate location it was shot at
    • Begun to implement the animation Blend Spaces
  • Continued working on clearing various Jira backlog tasks


  • Implemented our initial list of movement and attack animations for Sagittarius
  • Created the initial 11 animation Blend Spaces that are used for Sagittarius basic movements


  • Continued working on the NPC window
    • Merging Buy/Sell into 1 tab
  • Continued greyboxing the last few sections of Rome

Our implementation technique for bows, strings and their draw animations.

A common way to implement bows in video games is to create joints for each arm of the bow as well as the string, and animate the bow along with the character. But with the number of bows we plan on implementing, we have begun streamlining the process using several procedural methods instead, in order for it to be compatible with any number of bows and animations. The vertices of any bow can be bent with a variety of settings without a skeleton, and the string always follows the character’s hand, no matter where in the animation it is. This will allow us to rapidly implement bows going forward in just a few clicks after the asset has been made.