Development Blog: Week #41

Murmillo & Weapons

This week we began to implement the Murmillo specialty. Murmillo’s specialize in carrying two-handed weapons. We also began implementing various weapons, quivers, and shields, including their icons. There are still a few more days left to enter into the giveaway for the Tier 6 Founder’s Pack. Visit this link for more information.

  • Visit the weapons page here.
  • Download the wallpaper here.


  • Begun implementing the Murmillo specialty (two-handed weapons)
    • Implemented the animations and created the Blend Spaces for basic combat movement
    • Implemented the animations for various attacks
  • Begun implementing the animations for the Dimachaerus specialty (dual-wield one handed weapons)
  • Wrote stats and lore for weapons, shields and quivers


  • Begun implementing the Murmillo specialty
  • Continued implementing the Sagittarius specialty
  • Completed various UI bug fixes


  • Implemented various weapons
    • One-Hand Swords
    • Two-Handed Swords
    • One-Hand Spears
    • Two-Handed Spears
    • Two-Handed Hammers
    • Daggers
    • Bows
    • Quivers
    • Arrows
    • Shields
  • Created the Courier page for the NPC window
  • Created a new MetaHuman NPC, Antonius Duilius the Courier
  • Updated the gladiator window to better view the gladiator list
  • Created icon art for our current weapons, shields and quivers
    • Built a small scene in the Unreal Engine to capture screenshots of items for icons
  • Completed various UI fixes and backlogged tasks


  • Continued working on the combat music


  • Added our initial list of weapons with stats and images to the website
  • Added the NPC Antonius Duilius the Courier to the website