UI, it’s a wrap!

This week was exciting as we completed a huge milestone with UI. We created the last of our HUD and UI assets for all elements of the game. Before we go into detail about the tasks completed this week we want to congratulate the winners of the Tier 6 Founder’s Pack giveaway.

Without further adieu, the winners are…

  • tsudy
  • citizenkane
  • ArcticRaven

Congratulations to the winners! Your Tier 6 Founder’s Pack has been applied to your account. Enjoy, and thank you to everyone who entered.


  • Begun implementing our spline tech for roads and paths and walls / fences on Rome
  • Completed various bug fixes and troubleshooting tasks


  • Finalized the creation of all UI assets for all elements of the game
  • Completed the creation of the Achievements window
  • Completed the creation of the Leaderboards window
  • Begun adding foliage to Rome where greyboxing has been completed
    • Wheat fields and grass in the new player starting area and the Ludus area


  • Continued working on the combat music