The Path To Glory

This week we spent some time going over our current tasks and prioritizing what needs to be completed next. We also want to take a moment to talk about our current team member needs. We currently have an immediate opening for a 3D environment artist with a strong understanding of performance optimization in UE5. Tasks included in this role are creating foliage, surface textures, buildings, structures, world props, water, and lighting. If you are interested in this role please email your resume and portfolio / demo reel to You can also visit this link for a complete list of our current available positions.


  • Completed the first-pass of our spline road and path tech that allows us to quickly and easily add new textures to splines
  • Continued work on our matchmaking framework
  • Continued implementing the Sagittarius specialty


  • Begun adding the main roads and dirt path splines to Rome
  • Continued with performance optimization of Rome art assets


  • Continued working on the combat music