The Development Blog: An Update

This week marks the end of Sprint #11 and beginning of Sprint #12. Moving into Sprint #12 we will begin diving in deeper with our longer term tasks such as audio and the implementation of various features. Having said that we will be making a change to our development blog posts. We will be changing from weekly posts to monthly, which will go out at the end of each 4 week Sprint. This will allow us to ensure that each blog post is packed with interesting content now that we are shifting gears from art related tasks. As always we want to thank all of you for your continued support with the Shadows of Glory development. Your excitement is incredibly motivating to the team, and we look forward to sharing some really cool things in the future as we continue on our journey to making Shadows of Glory a reality.


  • Continued working on our matchmaking framework, resolving the remaining bugs


  • Begun assigning the starting stats to Gladiators
  • Begun assigning experience (XP) to various battle related events such as kills, assists, and so on
  • Begun writing and planning for Quests and Achievements
    • Lore
    • Experience (XP) and rewards
    • Tasks for Quest and Achievement completion
  • Continued with writing lore for Gladiators and NPCs


  • Continued work on the combat music
  • Begun to shift focus from art to SFX and dive in deeper to various sounds for animations, UI, and environments