Development Blog: Week #5

Player Controller

This week we focused on player UI/HUD elements and the player character controller. We plan to spend the next few sprints fine tuning the player controller so it feels really intuitive for the player and packed with options and animations. The preview below are examples in the combat Idle basic movement states for the Samnite class. Each class will have a Non-Combat and Combat idle state. We are also working on implementing the horse functionality which will allow the player to Call, Mount and Dismount a horse to ride. We will be showing more of that in future updates.

Image of the current Samnite class character controller blueprint and universal key binds.


Character & Camera Movement

Main Hand & Off Hand Equip and Unequip

Toggle Map

  • Both the map and minimap are functional and the player icon rotates and moves with the character on the map as they travel.
  • We plan to implement more functions for both the map and minimap such as zoom, other player icons, NPC icons, points of interest and the ability for players to mark a location on the map.

Gladiator Health / Endurance / Combo Skulls: We have also continued work on the UI and HUD elements. We started with the Health Bar, Endurance Bar and Combo Skulls bar. More information about the different stats can be found on the Stats page.

  • Health: Increases the amount of damage gladiators and horses can take before being killed.

  • Endurance: Auto regenerates over time. Increases your ability to attack and sprint longer before becoming fatigued, slowing movement, attacks and blocking.

  • Combo Skulls: Landing attacks on your enemy earns Combo Skulls. Finishing Moves require a certain amount of Combo Skulls to perform.

Rome: Tiber River Water

  • We have begun creating a water spline path for Tiber River in Rome using both UE and Oceanology tech.

Rome: Day / Night Cycle & Lighting

  • Begun experimenting with the sunset lighting and reflections for the Rome day and night cycle.

Rome: Grass Fields

  • We are continuing with experimenting with different grass types. Our goal is to have the foliage be accurate to the region at the time.

Want to join the team?

Our team is growing and we are still looking to fill key roles. If you are interested in joining the team please visit the jobs page for more information.

– Benjie