Development Blog: Week #7


We had a really fun time this week as we began to add more features and animations into the character controller. But before I dive deeper into that I want to welcome our newest member to the team, Aaron Rohlfing. Welcome! Aaron is a Software Engineer and has joined us to code the gameplay functionality and backend framework via C++ and blueprints. Aaron is incredibly talented when it comes to implementing features and framework, and we are extremely excited to have him on the team.

Horses: We have begun implementing the horse mechanics. We started with animations for calling your horse, mounting and dismounting. The horse will follow you after you call it, and will continue to do so until you dismiss it.

  • Keybinds
    • Call / Dismiss Horse: C
    • Mount / Dismount Horse: F
    • Sprint: Left Shift (hold)

Call Horse, Mount & Dismount


  • We are continuing with modeling the Colosseum.
  • Updated the Colosseum level for gameplay as we begin to implement and test the combat system.


  • Added the Attacks Bar to the player’s HUD.
    • Implemented a lock icon on the Attacks Bar to prevent a player form accidentally moving a skill to a different slot. [ Toggle ]
  • Added the Attacks windows.
    • Ability to click and drag an attack to the Attacks Bar.
    • Ability to move an attack to a different slot on the Attacks Bar.
  • Continued adding Profile features and buttons that link to various UI windows.
  • Implemented [ Left Click ] and drag to move a UI window.

Combat: We have begun implementing the combat system.

  • Implemented the damage amount system for basic attacks and finishers.
  • Implemented the Endurance and Combo Skulls cost systems for basic attacks and finishers.
  • Implemented the death state once a gladiator’s health reaches zero.
  • Begun Implementing animations for basic attacks and finishers.
    • Basic Attacks: Added the ability to use basic attacks [ Key Binds: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
    • Finishers: Added the ability to use finisher attacks. [ Key Binds: 5, 6, 7 ]
    • Block: Added the shield block feature and animation for the Samnite class. [ Right Moue Click (hold) ]

Basic Attacks & Finishers

Basic Attacks & Finishers

Shield Block

Enter & Exit Combat States

Gladiator Movement: We have continued adding more movement animations to the character controller. We now also have a Combat and Non-Combat state for animations that switch when the gladiator is holding a weapon or not.

  • Added combat movement animations
    • Walk backward, left, right
    • Forward and backward diagonal strafes
    • Head movement
  • Added non-combat movement animations
    • Walk/Sprint forward, walk backward, left, right
    • Forward and backward diagonal strafes
    • Head movement

Combat Movement

Non-Combat Movement

Non-Combat Walk & Sprint

Want to join the team?

Our team is growing and we are still looking to fill key roles. If you are interested in joining the team please visit the jobs page for more information.

– Benjie