Ekon Adowa

  • Age: 42
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 191 lbs
  • Origin: Malta, Italy
  • History: Ekon was a Goatherder that lived in a small village on the coast of Malta. He produced cheese with his wife Saidah from their goats, and would often sell the cheese to wealthy travelers who would take their goods back to Rome. While it might not have been the most lucrative business, it allowed Ekon and his wife to live happy and without worry.

During a sale of several hundred pounds of cheese with a trader that he never met before, the man became agitated with the price Ekon was asking. Ekon explained to the trader that it was his standard price, and he could take it or leave it. The trader continued to become more irate when Ekon refused to lower his price. Ekon began to walk away back into his home when the man pulled a knife on him. Ekon quickly reacted by unsheathing his sword, and with one swing decapitated the man. Shortly after the incident Ekon was taken back to Rome to face the charges for his crime. And even though it was self-defense he was charged with murder. Ekon was sentenced 2 years in prison and was forced to compete in the Colosseum for the duration of his sentence. A few weeks later, friends of the trader that was killed went to Ekon’s home looking for revenge. When they found out that Ekon had been sent to prison they killed his wife as payback. 5 years later and with nothing left to lose, Ekon continues to fight in the Colosseum releasing his anger on the other gladiators during combat.