Faustus Metellus

  • Age: 42
  • Height: 5′ 10″
  • Weight: 171 lbs
  • Origin: Pompeii, Italy
  • History: Faustus was a well known baker that owned a fairly large Pistrina in Pompeii. What wasn’t known however were the ingredients he used, until recently. For years, Faustus baked some of Pompeii’s finest bread. His bread had a unique sweet flavor to it that the citizens of Pompeii couldn’t get enough of. Business was great and Faustus lived what appeared to be a comfortable and quiet life.

However at night and in the cover of darkness he was murdering innocent people. He would grind up their bones and mix the bone dust into the yeast that he used to bake with. Faustus was eventually caught when someone reported hearing screams coming from inside his shop. When the locals arrived to see what was happening they found Faustus in the process of chopping up a body into small pieces. They saw human bones crammed into a grinder, and jars of bone dust on the table next to it. Some of the bone dust had already been mixed in with a basket yeast for the following day’s batch of bread. Now referred to as The Bone Grinder, Faustus was sentenced to a life of imprisonment with no possibility of release. He has since been sent to Rome, forced to fight in the Colosseum.