Gaius Julius Caesar

  • Age: 53
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Weight: 179 lbs
  • Origin: Rome, Italy
  • Profession: Ruler of Rome
  • Questline: Glory & Freedom (All Gladiators)
  • History: Gaius Julius Caesar is a ruthless leader that is well loved by the citizens of Rome, and feared by his enemies for having a superior army. After years of war and countless victories, Caesar comes to find that Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus has betrayed him and tried to steal power over Rome. Pompey knew that even though they outnumbered Caesar, their men were no match for Caesar’s well trained and experienced legions. Being the cowards they were, Pompey and many of the traitorous senate fled to Ptolemaic, Egypt after the Battle of Pharsalus. Those that stayed had little confidence in what was left of Pompey’s newly formed army, and the alliances within didn’t last long. Pompey was ultimately killed by Sebak Naeem after King Ptolemy of Egypt ordered his death. Enraged that his victory and kill was stolen from him, Caesar demanded that the killer be delivered to him alive.

Caesar has just returned to Rome to claim what was rightfully his, declaring himself ruler of the entire Roman Empire. He used the survivors of Pompey’s attempt to overthrow him as examples of what happens when you betray Rome. Most of the men were beheaded, and those that were lucky enough to live were imprisoned for life where they are tortured daily. When the traitors become fatigued and are near death from hunger he has them sent to the Colosseum where they faced a swift death.

Caesar is often accompanied by his Scriba, Castus Domitius, who consults him on the daily activities within Rome. They discuss all matters regarding Rome, such as finances and payoffs, ensuring that the food shipments safely arrive in Rome, and more. Most importantly is the protection of Rome, and where Caesar spends a good amount of his day planning both offensive and defensive strategies. He can often be found discussing tactics with his Generals including Centurions of the 13th Legion. While Caesar’s day is always busy, he still finds time to host and attend lavish dinners and events. Attending these events is where he does a lot of business with the most wealthy citizens of Rome. For the guests, attendance is a sign of status. For Caesar, it’s where he makes his secret deals, ensuring that his political agenda is fulfilled.

Once a year Caesar will hold a celebration of Rome starting on April 21st and lasts for 10 days. During this time he holds grand battles in the Colosseum. With a prize of 100,000 Denarii to the victor, hundreds of men and women sign up to fight during this time. From the poor looking for riches, to the warrior seeking everlasting glory, every citizen has their own reason to win. It’s an event witnessed by nearly every citizen of Rome. Competing for riches and glory, most end up getting killed in their first battle due to lack of experience. For the ones that do survive and are victorious, their legacy will last eternity.

Beloved by the citizens of Rome, Gaius Julius Caesar is a man that will be remembered for all of time. Stories will be told of his conquests, political reform, and how he brought peace to Rome by stabilizing nearby territories.