Leone Oderic

  • Age: 39
  • Height: 6′ 3″
  • Weight: 277 lbs
  • Origin: Capua, Italy
  • History: Leone was a prison guard in Capua for 14 years, responsible for making sure some of Italy’s worst criminals didn’t kill each other or escape. Maintaining order within the prison was no easy task, and the denarii that guards were paid was hardly enough to motivate them. Leone’s first few years at the prison were a struggle, the prisoners did not respect him, even though he tried his best to be respectable to the prisoners and keep everyone safe. One day a prisoner approached Leone and explained how he could make a lot of denarii by smuggling in weapons. At first Leone was furious that a prisoner just asked him to smuggle weapons in, but after a few days of thought he decided to give it a try. He began making more denarii in a few days than he would in an entire month.

Leone quickly began expanding his operation and eventually led a smuggling ring within the prison, bringing prisoners various weapons and luxury items like wine. He made tens of thousands of denarii doing this for several years before a deadly riot broke out, resulting in the death of 32 prisoners and 9 guards. The ones that survived were threatened with a slow death if they didn’t name the man who smuggled the weapons in. Leone was eventually named as the leader of the smuggling operation that brought in the weapons, and was sentenced to life in prison in Rome as a result. He is forced to fight or die in the Colosseum as a warning to all other guards and soldiers who attempt to break the law.