• Age: 39
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Weight: 176 lbs
  • Origin: Capua, Italy
  • History: Born and raised in Capua by a loving single mother who was widowed due to the unfortunate loss of his father that died in combat just days before his birth. Luca is a man who values honor and and duty over all. He’s a 9 year veteran and currently a Legionary for the 13th in the Roman Army. When he’s not at war he take up extra work as a city guard in Rome. He patrols the streets from sunrise to sunset, making sure there are no murders or robberies. Though that has proven to be an impossible task, as there is always trouble looming around the corner.

Most of his time is spent dealing with drunk soldiers when they come home from war. The celebration of victory has no limits, and they tend to get quite rowdy with the occasional tavern brawl. Being a soldier himself, Luca tends to be fairly lenient with the soldiers celebrating, demonstrating restraint, even when they get into a fight. He understands the need to celebrate victory and still being alive after a battle. As long as the soldiers don’t draw weapons, he will just break up the fight and tell them to go home. However, if a weapon is drawn then Luca will react with full force. He will occasionally volunteer to compete in the Colosseum for the extra denarii when he is home and not guarding the streets of Rome.