• Age: 46
  • Height: 6′ 2″
  • Weight: 247 lbs
  • Origin: Seine Basin, Gaul
  • History: Maedoc was the second in command to Talos Dagomarus, leader of the Senonii tribe dwelling in the Seine Basin. Maedoc is best known for enforcing the commands of Talos. He’s extremely short tempered, and a fierce warrior who has killed many men throughout his life. Maedoc has no remorse for the lives he has taken and will kill a man simply for non-compliance.

Maedoc was among the few that survived the battle against Rome during the revolt against Julius Caesar in 53 BC. Maedoc was originally sentenced to be beheaded however was given a lesser sentence when Talos pleaded with Caesar to spare his life. Maedoc was instead ordered to fight in the Colosseum for the remainder of his life as punishment for his attack against the republic.