Roven Magnus

  • Age: 65
  • Height: 6′ 1″
  • Weight: 285 lbs
  • Origin: Capua, Italy

History: Born and raised in Capua, Roven grew up in a small farm house with his 2 brothers, sister and parents. His mother and father owned a small remedy shop where they sold herbs and various mixtures to cure ailments and curses of all kinds. While his 2 brothers and sister didn’t show interest in the family business, Roven enjoyed it and worked with his parents daily at the shop growing up. He got to see the darker side of the business where not all requests are for cures. His parents were well known for their various poisons, they often got requests by wealthy men and women, including the occasional private order from politicians. Roven eventually grew old enough to enlist in the army and at the age of 20 he did so. He ended up spending over 40 years serving Rome and the Republic as a Legionary for the 13th Legion. Eventually his parents passed away, leaving the shop to him. Roven retired from the army, moved back home and decided to take over the family business. He couldn’t bear to see his parents shop close. 

Shortly after taking over, Roven began to focus more on poisons rather than cures. He had a darker side to him after all the years of war, and wasn’t particularly concerned with someone’s well being that he didn’t know or respect. However, making poisons comes with a catch, you don’t know if they work until you test them on someone. Roven needed test subjects but didn’t want to go through the trouble or risk of kidnapping someone. He needed to test on someone without them knowing, the poison and delivery method needed to be subtle. His goal was to make a poison so deadly that a simple scratch from something could kill someone.

Roven dedicated his life to Rome and hated the thugs that terrorized and extorted the people near his shop. He would lure these thugs into his shop, offering to give them a sample of his latest cure for whatever they had wrong with them. Once they were inside his shop he would distract them with all his different cures, explaining all the amazing things they can do for them. And then, using age to his advantage and when the moment was right, Roven would pretend to lose his balance a bit, grab them and stick them with an extremely sharp bone needle that had the tip dipped in his poison. He would then apologize for his shop’s old broken shelves that accidently scratched them and thank them for catching him before he fell. Thinking nothing more of it they continue to listen to what Roven had to say about the cures. At this point, Roven didn’t care if they bought something or not, he just needed them out of his shop before they died. So he would splash some water that he had in a vial on them and say a few ritualistic words and send them on their way.

Until one day he made a poison so deadly that it killed a man within the blink of an eye. After Roven stuck him with the bone needle, he began to bleed from his eyes, ears and nose. The man violently coughed up blood and started to scratch his skin bloody, screaming that his skin was on fire until he choked to death shortly after. When the guards arrived and saw the man laying there dead in a pool of blood they had no doubt that a poison was involved. Given the nature of his shop, they arrested Roven, charged him with murder and sentenced him to death in the Colosseum.