Sebak Naeem

  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5′ 10″
  • Weight: 168 lbs
  • Origin: Pelusium, Port Said, Egypt
  • History: Sebak was formally a solider in Egypt’s army before becoming the personal guard of King Ptolemy. He was the King’s guard for for several years, carrying out some of the King’s most secretive kill orders. While his official title was Personal Guard to the King, he was mainly an assassin for him. Growing up with no family, Sebak was placed in the care of Egypt’s army, and was raised to fight and die for Egypt. With no family and nothing to lose, Sebak was the perfect person to be the assassin for the King.

King Ptolemy ordered Sebak to carry out his most important task yet, kill Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. King Ptolemy was aware of Pompey’s failed attempt to overthrow Gaius Julius Caesar, and knew that Pompey was fleeing to Pelusium, Port Said, Egypt. Wanting to surprise Caesar, King Ptolemy ordered Sebak to kill Pompey. Little did Sebak know, this assignment would be his last. A few days later Sebak killed Pompey when his boat arrived in Egypt. King Ptolemy then had the head of Pompey sent to Caesar as what he thought would be a gift. However this enraged Caesar, the King had stolen his victory. Caesar demanded that the man who murdered Pompey be delivered to him alive. Knowing that Caesar could kill him next, the King ultimately had Sebak given to Caesar to be punished as he sees fit. Caesar Imprisoned Sebak for the remainder of his life, and forces him to fight in the Colosseum until death.