• Age: 35
  • Height: 5′ 10″
  • Weight: 161 lbs
  • Origin: Alexandria, Egypt
  • History: A Medjay to Queen Cleopatra, Tau lived by a strict yet simple code of conduct, defend Egypt and her leaders no matter what. While Tau lived to protect Egypt, he fell victim to love for one of Cleopatra’s servants, Layla Zalika. He would secretly visit her late at night for years where they would sit for hours, sharing their dreams of a better and simpler life of freedom, which consisted of living on a small farm with children. Tau saved all of his earnings from trades that he had made over the years in the hope of one day buying Layla’s freedom and starting their life together.

On the eve of Layla’s 29th birthday Tau left his guard post a few minutes early to give her the surprise gift that they had always dreamed of, freedom. Little did Tau know that leaving his post early that night would change his and Layla’s life forever. Leaving early resulted in someone stealing gold from Cleopatra’s palace. When the other Medjay went searching for Tau, thinking that he had been murdered, they found him with Layla. He was thrown in prison for abandoning his post which resulted in the theft of the Queen’s gold. He was in prison for several years before one day being taken to Rome by a Magister that traveled to Egypt looking to fill his ranks of fighters. While Tau and Layla never saw each other again after that night, he still dreams daily of one day being reunited with her.