Bringing Life To Rome

This week we completed one of our large milestones of character creation. We now have a 33 gladiators and 47 NPC citizens totaling 80 MetaHumans. This was our initial list of characters to create and covers all the basic NPCs associated with gladiator Legacy questlines, vendors, repairs, tutorials and specific locations around Rome. We will continue to create more gladiators, NPCs and their lore as development progresses. We are now shifting focus back to the UI side of things and have begun planning the design for the universal NPC window that will have information related to lore, quests, and shopping. We are also continuing with creating our matchmaking framework, dueling, and going to be spending the next few weeks clearing out various Jira backlog tasks.


  • Continued working on the matchmaking framework
  • Continued working on the dueling functionality
  • Worked on various Jira backlog tasks


  • Finished creating the last 13 NPCs for Rome and associated gladiator questlines
  • Continued writing lore for our initial gladiators and NPCs


Visit the Gladiators and Citizen pages to see the complete list.