Development Blog: April 1, 2024

Quarter 1 of 2024 has come to an end. This was a busy quarter as we begun planning for the Kickstarter campaign, which included overhauling the website to give it a fresh new look. The website has a ton of new content so make sure to check everything out. Also included in the website update is a new official forum for the community to gather and chat. Sign up, discuss the game, ask the devs a question, recruit members for your ludus or just say hi. We also completed the first pass of the Kickstarter page which we will continue to refine throughout the year. Moving into Quarter 2 we will continue with making progress on the Kickstarter page, promotional content, the Colosseum, online functionality and combat.



  • Near completion with equipment functionality
  • Health and Endurance bars now reflect equipped items and gladiator stats
  • Listed stats now reflect equipped items and gladiator
  • Added Keybinds for the Graffiti and Companions menus, added to the ‘Quick Access Menu’
  • Fixed errors on Server Select level
  • Investigated/fixed name creation & new account detection bugs
  • Fixed ‘Name Change’ code
  • Added retry checks for initial connection to server with a small delay
  • All paths from game launch to Server Select to Rome work correctly now
  • Modified each graffiti master material to support fade out
  • UI and functionality for Graffiti is near-complete
  • UI for Companions is near-complete, functionality is WIP
  • Created data tables for combat blood splatter and spray VFX elements to add randomness and variety when spawning
    • Dismember
    • Decapitate
    • Slash
    • Stab
  • Developed a test project to better integrate Unreal’s online replication system
    • Successfully connected to the online server with another player with proper replication


  • Created icons for all 73 companions currently in-game
  • Continued texturing version 2 of the Colosseum
  • Added a new campfire
  • Created new elements for the website and Kickstarter page


  • Implemented version 2 of the Shadows of Glory website
    • Added several new pages and content
  • Wrote the first draft of the teaser trailer script
    • VO actor has been cast
  • Continued working on the teaser trailer
  • Wrote lore for gladiators
    • Roven Magnus
    • Aziza Hamadi
    • Camilla Carmine
    • Maia Kadmos.
  • Continued working on the Kickstarter page and campaign planning


  • Continued working on the combat music

New Gladiator Lore

Graffiti Example

Colosseum v2 Texture Progress