Development Blog: Sprint #14

Today marks the end of Sprint #14 and the beginning of Sprint #15. As always, we had another incredibly productive sprint, completing several tasks and milestones. Before we get into the details of what we worked on this sprint we would like to welcome our newest team member Ryan Kohr. Ryan is joining us as a 3D generalist and will be focusing on creating various 3D assets such as buildings, structures, weapons, chariots, and world props. Welcome Ryan!


  • Implemented the Credits window
  • Added an advanced lighting setting (dynamic / lumen)
  • Implemented the functionality to save UI window locations on screen when closed
  • Updated the Unreal Engine source build from UE 5.0 Early Access 1 to UE 5.0 Release
  • Various bug fixes


  • Begun creating our consumable stat foods and drinks (purchased with in-game Denarii)
    • Currently 41 different foods and 9 drinks
    • Current food types are fruits, vegetables, nuts, breads, meats, fish, whole meals
    • Current drink types are water, wine, blood offerings
  • Created a new NPC vendor for consumable stat food (fruits, vegetables, nuts)
  • Created various documentation for development and stat balancing
    • Consumable food and drinks
    • Functionality of stats
    • Experience per level
    • Experience per event (quests & achievements)
  • Finalized the first-pass of lore for the last 3 gladiators
    • All 30 gladiators now have lore


  • Begun modeling the final design of the Colosseum
    • Completed the block-out phase
    • Begun the texturing phase



  • Created the Titles window
  • Created the Armor Dye window & Armor Dye tooltip
  • Created the Consumable food and drink tooltip
  • Created a few scenes for various UI assets
    • Ludus Perk banner images (all perks now have art)
    • Armor Dyes (store project images)
  • Updated the launcher design for the Steam version that includes server status and patch notes
  • Completed the entire backlog of miscellaneous UI art tasks
    • Icons
    • Layout adjustments
    • Button updates
  • Begun a polish pass on various UI windows and elements



  • Added 3 new Wallpapers
  • Updated the Press Kit page
    • Includes a link to The Pitch Deck blog post
    • Includes a complete list of current development credits
  • Updated the Stats page
  • Added Armor Dyes to the Store page

New Gladiator and NPC lore