As we wrap up Sprint #13 and move into Sprint #14 we near the completion of several tasks such as UI and lore. We shifted focus a bit this sprint to Steam, UI, lore and marketing. We also announced the launch of the Shadows of Glory Steam page a few weeks ago, so make sure to check it out and add it to your wishlist. We have a lot to go over so lets dive in.

Steam Page:


  • Created the Steam page for Shadows of Glory [link]
  • Created the Steam developer page for Shadows of Glory [link]
  • Created the Twitch category for Shadows of Glory [link]
  • Continued writing lore for gladiators


  • Implemented the gladiator and horse portrait images on the health / endurance bar section
  • Implemented the new Gladiator Window layout
  • Begun implementing the horse and chariot windows
  • Implemented the Stash, functionality, and sound support for the chest opening and closing
  • General bug fixes, updates and alignment fixes for various UI windows


  • Created the UI elements for the following:
    • New player name creation on first game launch screen
    • Aurei (real money) Store window
    • Aurei Store activated inventory items and tooltips
    • NPC Window: Ludus tab
    • Ludus window
    • Wood Swords window
    • Quick Access links dropdown menu (additional way to open windows, keybinds are still available)
    • Inspect player tooltip (allows you to view another players gladiators, horses, chariots, achievements, wood swords and ranks
    • Various notifications for player name creation, create / disband ludus

New Player Name Creation – Server Select Screen

NPC Window – Ludus Tab

Ludus Window


Store Window

Wood Swords Window

Quick Access Dropdown Menu

Inspect Player Options (right click on player)

Minimap Store, Quick Access Menu, Buttons & Courier Notification

New Gladiator Lore