Development Blog: Week #32

Betrayal & Murder

This week marks the end of Sprint #8 and beginning of Sprint #9. We continued working on the creation of our first 30 gladiators. We have also begun working on NPCs for “The Legacy of” questlines. Each gladiator has their own legacy questline that the player will progress through as their gladiator levels up from 1 to 50. NPCs display the gladiator’s legacy questline they are associated with in their lore. We are continuing to finalize our first version of the matchmaking system, currently working out some replication issues. We are also nearing the completion of our MetaHuman character implementation. Since MetaHuman is still in a development state, we have a few issues with grooms and hands to work out, and are currently waiting for final LODs.


  • Continued working on our matchmaking framework
    • Finalizing the first pass of functionality
    • Continued working on replication related issues
  • Continued working on implementing our MetaHuman gladiators


  • Continued our push to create our initial 30 gladiators
  • Continued creating NPCs associated with core features of the game
    • Merchants
    • Quest NPCs
  • Continued creating various trees and their variants for Rome
  • Did a polish pass on a few current gladiators and NPCs


  • Continued working on various music tracks
    • Finalizing the music for the server select screen
    • Begun working on the combat music


  • Continued writing lore for gladiators and NPCs

Visit these pages to see the complete list of Gladiators and Citizens that we currently have.