Development Blog: Week #34

Gladiator Selection

This week we continued working on several of our long term tasks which include matchmaking, character design and music. We have now created 33 gladiators, 3 past our initial goal of 30 for release. We have also completed creating a total of 44 NPCs so far that are associated with gladiators, quests and more. We will be showing the rest of the NPCs next week as we continue to write their basic lore.


  • Continued finalizing our matchmaking framework first-pass


  • Completed the creation of our initial 30 gladiators
    • Created 3 addition gladiators past the initial 30, totaling 33
  • Completed the creation of NPCs for all 33 current gladiator’s Legacy questlines
  • Created various NPCs for lore


  • Continued writing lore for all current gladiators and NPCs


  • Finalized the server select screen music track
  • Continued working on the combat music tracks